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Oct 23, 2007 

Jesus Bats Clean Up For The Rockies


The Red Sox slayed the personification of evil, the New York Yankees, on the way to their first title in 86 years. Now, according to the New York Times, they will need to defeat Jesus Christ to do it again.
The role of religion within the Rockies’ organization first entered the public sphere in May 2006, when an article published in USA Today described the organization as adhering to a 'Christian-based code of conduct' and the clubhouse as a place where Bibles were read and men’s magazines, like Maxim or Playboy, were banned
General Manager Dan O'Dowd, a benefactor himself of the Rockies kindness by not firing him after an abysmal record, tries to sidestep the question of the Rockies religious bent, but not with much effort.
'Do we like players with character? There is absolutely no doubt about that,' O’Dowd said during a recent interview in his Coors Field office. 'If people want to interpret character as a religious-based issue because it appears many times in the Bible, that’s their decision. I believe that character is an innate part of developing an organization, and to me, it is nothing more than doing the right thing at the right time when nobody’s looking. Nothing more complicated than that'
It's interesting to read the small factoids the media reports when an unknown, western-based team with very little history to speak of becomes a national story.

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