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Dec 13, 2007 

STEROIDPALOOZA: Clemens & Pettitte Fingered


Once likely Hall of Famer Roger Clemens and his scripture-spouting rotation-mate, Andy Pettitte will be named in the Mitchell Report.

Clemens' inclusion in the soon-to-be infamous report on steroids in Major League Baseball comes as no surprise to readers of Tailgater.

His alleged steroid use has been mentioned as far back as 2006 and specifically in this post from Feb. 6, 2007 which posed the question of whether Clemens' annual ritual of ditching spring training was due to March testing of the drugs.
When has there ever been an athlete in any sport that has been enabled to be held hostage by Clemens? The media doesn't pose this question because their in awe of his persona. They've also failed to ask Clemens whether the last half of his career might be an abberation in the era of steriods.
Nobody listened until today.

What follows could be a template for many of the players named in the Mitchell Report today. Clemens' clear down years in the early 90s followed by a conspicous rise in play.
If Barry Bonds and others are queried for miraculous comebacks late in the careers when others have historically begun the physically breakdown why hasn't Clemens be fingered? After faltering for three years in Boston his career seemed done when he was traded to Toronto in 1997. Suddenly, he was fit and throwing as hard as ever. He won the Cy Young that year and has been the same type of pitcher well into his 40s. Clemens' return the top of baseball follows the same steep trajectory as Bonds's.
If you use this template, it begs to speculate whether Cincinnati outfielder, Ken Griffey, Jr. is named in this report.

If the word hypocrite comes to mind regarding Andy Pettitte's being named in the Mitchell Report, it does in my mind, also.

Pettitte, who possesses a low-key manner personality, but also liked to tell you how his pious Christian lifestyle is better than yours. 

When it comes to using illicit drugs, apparently "What Would Jesus Do?" never came to Pettitte's mind.

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