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Dec 13, 2007 


Paul Bunyan didn't use steroids, but Jack Cust does.

Make that seven current or former Athletics named in the Mitchell Report.

A's designated hitter, Jack Cust, was named in connection to former Baltimore outfielder Larry Bigbie. According to the report, Cust told Bigbie he already a steroid supplier.
At the beginning of the 2003 season, Cust and Larry Bigbie were both playing for Baltimore’s class AAA affiliate in Ottawa. Bigbie’s locker was next to Cust’s. Cust eventually asked Bigbie if he had ever tried steroids. Bigbie acknowledged he had, and Cust said that he, too, had tried steroids. Cust told Bigbie that he had a source who could procure anything he
wanted, but Bigbie informed him he already had a friend who could supply him.
I suppose if Billy Beane wanted Barry Bonds as his DH in 2008, he now knows he already had a user at the position.

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Well, this ought to temper any notions that the A's DH position would be somehow tainted by Bonds acquisition. At least, you know, it wouldn't be too much MORE tainted. And, if you're going to have juicer hittin' Dh, why not have him be on of the greatest hitters in the history of the game?

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